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Cycling food-bags: A2015/A219 /A205

How can your team race without a cycling food-bag? That’s a must item for cyclists and races and nowadays, thanks’ to Apis, it is also a very good promotional item, to give visibility to your brand and to promote your event! We can fully customize your bag with silk screen printing. Bags are available in 3 different models and many pre-dyed fabric colours you can choose among.

Winter Hat

This is a highly requested item , by all our customers. Made of Windtex fabric, for maximum protection from wind and rain. Warm and comfortable. The inner part is made of PIUMA warm and soft fabric and a breathing mesh. The ear-covering is made in merino’s wool. You can chose between the black Windtex hat, that can be embroidered or customized with thermos –transfer, and the white Windtex hat fully printable (using sublimation). If that’s not enough, we can also add sewn patches, tag labels, customized laundry labels, etc …

Sublimated polyester caps

A cycling cap made in 100% polyester fabric or polyester breathing mesh fully sublimated . The sublimation technique allows us to print more colours, shades and a to have a higher definition printing.

Podium hats

The classic America hat, with your brands and sponsors, often worn by the professional team champions during the awards ceremony. We can customize with embroidery, printing, patches, labels. We can propose you many different models and materials depending on what you are looking for.

Helmet-linen & Bandana

The helmet-linen is a must product for protecting your head from sunbeams. Made of the same cotton material as used for the cycling caps, same shape and model. We can also make them using our breathing polyester mesh, or combining mesh and cotton.

The helmet-linens , just like all our products, can be fully customized.

Smooth or honeycomb Lycra Bandana, fully sublimated with your own design.
It’s an evergreen, for your team or for your event. For a free-spirit cyclist who want to be original and beyond traditions. This items is good for all Sports.